Too young to grind?

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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - They are highly trained, talented and not even teenagers. With more than 2 million views online, the tiny dancers from California imitating Beyonce's "Single Ladies" video may be giving it a run for its money for all the wrong reasons.

"They're obviously very talented little dancers but I think they could have done without some of the more risque moves and had a little bit more clothing on," said mother Christie Rodriguez, "I think they found the line and jumped over it."

"Seems pretty provocative for an 8 or 9 year old," added father Mark Schmidt. Schmidt pushed his daughter on the swing set who was just a few years younger than the little single ladies. "I know it's a competition," said Schmidt. "I know that's how they usually do stuff like that, but it's not anything they should be doing."

For 25 years Lynn Ramey has filled a room full of trophies at her Dance-n-Drill studio.

"They were talented," Ramey said. "However, that can easily be overlooked because you're so distracted by the inappropriateness of the costuming, the lyrics, the movements, that you hardly recognize the talent."

"Those costumes were very suggestive - very sexual in nature," said Ramey.

The costumes Ramey's dancers perform in bear little resemblance to those of the little dancers.

Clad in sailor and candy-striper outfits, Ramey says even the older students perform in conservative costumes, to focus on skill rather than sex. "You do not have to dance outside of the box to get noticed and be appreciated," she said.

For parents like Schmidt, the time spent playing on the swing set will hopefully last a bit longer.

Risque or not, dance instructors say there are changes being made to keep questionable performances from happening.

Several judging organizations have altered scoring to reflect deductions for dances believed to be too suggestive or inappropriate.

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