East Texas Soldier Gives Gift of Pictures from Heart of Baghdad

"I've spoken with him several times, and he feels safe. And that everything's going well."

That's what Holly Thomson says of the sporadic communication with her husband.  Lt. Col. John Thomson is with the Fourth Infantry Division from Fort Hood. For them, the war is not yet over. They've been holding fort in and around Baghdad.

"While I'm concerned about him being there, we think it's an incredible opportunity and he's seeing things that no one can pay to see.  I was very surprised to see the pictures."

We can all see just what life was like for those who ruled Iraq.

"The leaders of the regime lived in homes akin to movie stars -- in these palacial places, while the population lived in poverty."

Back at home, Holly's been raising their two sons alone. It's an amazing change.

"Life on the home front is much like that of any single parent. With an added twist."

That is, knowing John will come home. But when?

She asked him, "'How long do you think? How are things going?' Things are going very well, but he said that no one's talking right now about when [he's] going home."

Until then, the pictures keep coming. The love of a family -- of a son for his father -- never fades.

"He misses his dad. But we have fun putting packages together, and sending letters."

Reported by Morgan Palmer