A Better East Texas: Deepwater Horizon

The tragedy at the Deepwater Horizon oil platform is a huge reminder of our helplessness at many points on earth. It is unbelievable how many safety measures and hardware devices failed leading up to the disaster and the fact that even now British Petroleum can't get the blowout preventer's to work properly is frustrating for everyone. B-P is morally and contractually obligated to cover the costs of the cleanup and compensation for those affected and those costs will no doubt have a huge financial impact on the company. But what are we as a country to do? Stopping offshore drilling is certainly not an answer, condemning the petroleum industry for carelessness may get new regulations but we cannot stop exploring. The disasters of the modern age have always led to improvements and new discoveries. Think about it. After the Exxon Valdez spill in Alaska, tankers and other oil transport methods are safer than ever. After the nuclear accident at Three Mile Island, Pennsylvania, nuclear power plants have had a very safe record. BP needs to get control of the current spill and then with the same sense of urgency find new discoveries that will help prevent this type of accident from happening again.