Police warn against motorcycle thefts

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TYLER, TX (Tyler-PD) – Tyler Police Department would like to warn motorcycle owners who park their bikes outside overnight of a statewide trend of motorcycle thefts. In 2009, a total of 19 motorcycles were stolen from within the city, 13 of them were stolen from an apartment complex parking lot. Approximately 5200 motorcycles were stolen in the state of Texas in 2009.

Investigators from the East Texas Auto Theft Task Force indicate that Suzuki GSXR and Yamaha R6 models seem to be the motorcycles of choice that are being stolen in the Tyler area. The suspects are targeting apartment complexes where motorcycles are left unprotected in parking lots during night time hours. Investigators believe that the motorcycles are being stolen by means of loading the bike onto a trailer or flat bed truck and hauled away. These motorcycles for the most part are not being recovered by law enforcement authorities.

Investigators recommend the following safety tips to protect your motorcycle:

• Park in well-lit areas.

• Park as close to the front of a front door or bedroom window.

• Purchase an Audible Alarm.

• Purchase a Tracking Device.

• Park in Garage if one is available.

• Don't leave in one spot for a long length of time.

• Purchase locking devices.

Law enforcement encourages all citizens to report any suspicious activity especially during late night hours where they observe motorcycles being picked up by a wrecker, moved onto a flatbed trailer or placed into a box truck and taken away. Please attempt to get a license plate and good description of the suspect vehicle and suspects involved.

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