Are you financially fit?

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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Elisha Lewis of Tyler said she works out a couple of hours each day.

"[I] walk two miles, do the treadmill, elliptical machines," she said. All that hard work in the gym helped Lewis drop 50 pounds in eight months.

Last year, Lewis said she was closed to being diagnosed with diabetes. She was also plagued by high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

She said it was the wake up call she needed.

These days, "I'm fit, so I'm going to continue working out," she said.

We asked Elisha about her financial fitness. She agreed, it's a good question to ask, and she agreed to be our first test taker.

The Consumer Credit Counseling Financial Fitness quiz is comprised of 23 simple questions to help you gage your financial stability.

Everyone starts with 100 points, but you lose points when you come across a question that applies to you.

Elisha Lewis was our first tester: she's a married, mother of three, she is currently unemployed, but her husband works and she has no credit card debt.

"We manage our money pretty good," she said.

Tim Sherwood was our second test taker.

"My goals must be similar to other Americans--comfortable retirement, hopefully some financial independence," said Sherwood.

Sherwood is also married, with three kids. He is employed and uses his credit card often, but he said he and his wife pay it off at the end of each month.

Chris Freeman said he and his wife, Randi, were at a horrible place, three years ago. "You feel like somebody's on your back, people keep calling, wanting you to pay," he said.

Chris and Randi are married with a one year old--Hannah. They both work and are, currently digging themselves out of debt. They also took our test.

The results: the Freemans scored an 89. Sherwood received a 96. Lewis scored a perfect 100.

But a perfect score doesn't always paint a perfect financial picture.

We took the scores directly to the test writer, himself, Todd Mark, vice president of education with the Consumer Credit Counseling Service.

Feel free to take the free, Financial Fitness quiz yourself.

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