Weeds getting tougher to kill

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - By Morgan Chesky - bio | email
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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - They are the unwelcome visitors who stop by every spring and summer trying to weasel their way into your yard. Weeds can find their way into the most manicured lawns, and experts say they're getting tougher to kill.

When it comes to yard care Sandra Root takes matters into her own hands, mowing her yard once a week. "The whole neighborhood benefits when everybody takes good care of their yards," said Root, "It makes everyone look good."

But with the new green grass come weeds...lots of weeds. Big, bad, and just plain ugly, the sneaky plants prey on unsuspecting lawns and are coming to East Texas with a vengeance.

"There are some that certainly have been coming into the area over the last say decade that have become more prominent," said Horticulturist Keith Hansen, "A few of them may be a little more difficult to control."

Hansen says the best weed defense is a solid turf offense, but late snows have turned many homes with green yards into dirt lots.

"You have bare soil and weed seeds can germinate very readily as opposed to if you have a very dense thick lawn," said Hansen. "Anything we can do to minimize stress on permanent grass is going to help it...over-application of herbicide, too much fertilizer, not enough water, improper mowing all these things can put our grass under stress.

Too much water can be a problem too as it keeps roots shallow, making grass more susceptible to invasion from the bad guys. And if you kill them you better make sure they're dead.

"If you don't eliminate all the pests with that product and you have some survivors they could possibly develop some genetic resistance to that product." said Hansen.

Experts say following the directions is paramount. Too concentrated an amount of pesticide can permanently damage your yard and the root system of your grass.

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