Woman accused of attack on elderly woman has history

Amber Higginbotham. Photo Source: Smith County
Amber Higginbotham. Photo Source: Smith County

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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - It turns out, the woman accused of attacking an 80-year-old woman Wednesday has a history. Amber Higginbotham assaulted another woman just a few hours earlier, says the Tyler Police department.

It happened at the intersection of Beckham and Fifth Street in Tyler at around 11 a.m. Wednesday. Officers say Higginbotham got out of her car at a red light and jumped into the car next to her, beating the female driver, for no apparent reason.

"She was totally taken aback and in shock from being assaulted and for an unknown reason," said Officer Don Martin, with the Tyler Police Department. "It didn't look like she was trying to carjack her or anything. She just started hitting her."

Police arrested Higginbotham on a mental custody warrant and transported her to the Andrews Center for evaluation. That wasn't the end of Higginbotham's rage they say. Police say she returned to Beckham and Fifth Street where she attacked Mary Lawson, 80, outside a Dollar General Store.

The trail of troubles for Amber Higginbotham date back to 2003. She was arrested seven times for public intoxication and five times for criminal trespassing, to name a few. Now, she has injury to elderly, a third degree felony, added to her rap sheet.

"We're certainly glad to get her off the streets," said Officer Martin.

Lawson is her latest victim say police.

"She knocked me down to the ground and was kicking me...and she got me on this side mostly and I think that's maybe because that's where my purse was," explained Lawson.

Some good Samaritans jumped in - one man trying to restrain Higginbotham.

"While he was holding her by one side she was still beating me," said Lawson.

Mrs. Lawson suffered many bruises to her chest and back.

"Yeah, she did a job on me...bruised…very bruised and I got a knot on my head and I'm a little shaky," she said.

But, she is a strong lady. As for the good Samaritans, she can't thank them enough for saving her from any more pain.

"Oh gee! I want to definitely thank them," she said. "I want to know their names and thank them because they're really great people."

Mrs. Lawson would like to see Higginbotham stay behind bars.

"I can't understand why they have her out because she's going to really kill somebody sometime," said Lawson.

"It's our responsibility that we place people in jail if need be and then it's the courts to decide how long they stay," said Officer Martin.

Police say Higginbotham seems to suffer from a mental condition, but they are reviewing this case and may have the charges upgraded.

Police say this injury to elderly charge could be upgraded to aggravated robbery. They also say the first victim, who is from San Angelo, could file charges.

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