Longview Bad Restaurant Report

Six area restaurants were hit with major violations in the latest round of inspections by the health department, including Cantons at 2010 East Marshall... 10 violations were found including rusty knives in the food prep area, spoiled foods and cold foods at unsafe temperatures... They scored a C. And because of the report, the owner is stepping up to make things right. Inspected on April 3rd Little Italy at 212 East Marshall had 7 violations... Cold foods were held at unsafe temperatures and food contact surfaces were unsanitary... They scored a B. Churches Chicken at 1715 Mobberly was inspected on April 2nd and had 6 violations, including evidence of insect infestation and unclean food prep areas... They scored a B. 5 violations were found at Sonic at 1400 south High street. Inspected on March 25th, hot foods were held at improper temperatures and toxic items were improperly labeled and stored... Score a B. Fisherman's Market at 116 Johnston was inspected on April 15th and had 6 violations. Dirty food prep area were found and cold foods were held at unsafe temperatures... They scored a B. And 5 violations were found on an April 11th inspection of Subways at 2011 Gilmer road. Cold foods were held at unsafe temperatures and there were inadequate handwash facilities... Score a B.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.