Joanie M

Age 29

Losing my hair was very traumatic. I tried perming it, teasing it, coloring it, anything to keep my scalp from showing. It hurts dramatically when you lose your hair. People make fun of you. I cried tears of joy when I got my hair back with Sensi Graft. I found my new self. I feel good about myself. I love it.

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 Julie B

Age 39

My scalp would get sun burned easily. Once my friend took a picture of me and I could not believe how thin my hair had gotten. I knew I had to do something about it. With Sensi Graft I can wear my hair any way I want to, long, short, and color too. You owe it to yourself!


 Julie L

Age 34

I did not want to be outside on windy and rainy days! Why? Because they would reveal my thin hair. I discovered Sensi Graft and it changed my life. I have one complaint. Why did I not do it earlier? My life has been newly transformed with my new beautiful hair! How refreshing to have such friendly staff delivering all that was promised and more. I now go out in any weather!


 Kimberly B

Age 35

I never went to baseball games or concerts. I did not want to sit in the bleachers and have somebody look over my head. I avoided cameras. I tried many products for hair loss without any results.

I used to be so self-conscious and embarrassed. Now I feel confident! Sensi Graft works for me. I love it!


 Gina F

Age 42

My hair had been thinning for years and I wanted my hair to be full and beautiful again. One evening I saw a newspaper ad on new advanced procedures in hair restoration so I called Transitions center. Now, thanks to my Transitions hair loss specialist, I can live a normal life with a full head of hair again.


 James S

Age 23

Although I love him, I did not want to look like my dad. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Thank you Transitions!




 Mike L

Age 42

My wife liked to kid me. She would say, "You have more hair on your face than on your head". Now, my wife loves my new hair. Thanks to Transitions Hair loss experts.




Russ B

Age 44

I really got tired of being called the old man. I love my hair thanks to Sensi-Graft. It took 10 years off my appearance easily! I like the way I look. Sensi Graft is easy and affordable.



 Markus Heintz

Markus is a teacher and hobby musician. He's playing in rock band, and he wanted long hair. No one even noticed after I got the Sensi Graft process done. Two thumbs up Transitions!



George M

Age 57

I am an actor and I was cast as a nice old man, the bald guy. I deserve to be the best that I can be, not that old guy. It's never too late! I love my full natural hair.



Ken D

Age 30

I just wanted to look the same age as my friends, not older. It was time to take action. I made the call for my FREE consultation with Transitions hair loss expert. I could not be happier. My hair looks great. Sensi-Graft is incredible!



Allan W

Age 40

I made an investment in myself. I chose to live my life with hair. I have the freedom of an active lifestyle with Sensi-Graft. I feel sexier with my hair. Unbelievable!



 Roger G

Age 26

I was very worried for so long about my hair loss. In my late teens, I started to lose my hair. My self-confidence went down. I wore baseball hats everywhere I went. I did not want to look at mirrors. I don't know why I waited so long.



Will D

Age 27

I felt part of my confidence left with each hair I lost. I realized that my hair loss dated me. I chose to live my life with hair. After having Sensi-Graft hair restoration done, I feel I can go out and conquer the world. I feel more energetic and out going. Sensi-Graft is happening!



Paul C

Age 24

I remember waking up one morning, looking in the mirror and realizing that my hair was never going to grow back. As a stylist, I wouldn't settle for anything that might look unnatural. That's why I was picky! Thank Goodness I took my time and found Transitions. My life has definitely changed for the better. I can relax on the weekend, enjoy my photography and not worry about people bringing up my hair loss. I would recommend this to anybody with a hair loss problem!



Jack J.

Age: 28

A lot of my friends were shaving their heads in college.

This was about the time I started losing my hair and I shaved mine too. What many friends didn't know was that I was hiding behind my shaved head. Today the fad is ending and many of my friends have grown their hair back. I can't… .

I did not accept my baldness look and decided to do something about it. Help came from Transitions hair loss center with their newest innovation Sensi-Graft hair system. As a matter of fact, taking action before advanced baldness was even more noticeable was one of the best choices of my life. Now, I have more fun, more sport, and more hair….



Mary G

Age 32

My hair started to thin about a year ago. My doctor prescribed Rogaine. After three months of use I showed no results. I have since stopped using the product and I was very distressed over the situation. Luckily, I discovered Transitions hair loss center for which I'll always feel grateful. I feel like a new women today. I love it.