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Find the BEST hair replacement system, woman & man hair replacement, wig and hair pieces, human hair wigs. What WORKS, what DOESN'T? Sensi-Graft hair replacement system is the newest most advanced hair replacement to date source. What you're about to discover is an entirely new innovation in non-surgical hair replacement system. Not a wig, not a hair piece. This is an extraordinary breakthrough in technology in hair replacement system that was once thought to be beyond our reach. Among the leaders in the hair replacements field, this hair replacement system is known as "The breakthrough of the Millennium."

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Introducing Sensi-Graft ® , the BEST and only proven non-surgical skin graft hair replacement technology. Sensi-Graft ® is a non-surgical hair replacement technology that virtually becomes a part of you, in attaining a perfect natural result. Sensi-Graft ® is hair replacement system for both men and women that has successfully bridged the gap between surgical transplants, chemicals and conventional hair replacement, hair piece, or wig, offering a permanent solution to hair loss without surgery for those suffering from hair loss.


Sensi-Graft ® offers a naturally appearing front hairline, age appropriate density, where the scalp appears normal and visible when the hair is parted, and an uninterrupted scalp. That is, no perceptible change in coloration, appearance or feel between the original hair and scalp and the hair and scalp that has been treated.

Developed through the efforts of Transitions International, the leading hair replacement technicians in the world.

Unlike chemicals or surgery, Sensi-Graft ® guarantees a significant increase in hair density.

Sensi-Graft ® is not a surgical procedure and it does not require a physician to administer it. However, because Sensi-Graft ® is unlike conventional hair replacement processes, only those certified by Transitions International are allowed to perform it.

Sensi-Graft ® employs a new evolutionary improved non-invasive skin like membrane grafted to your scalp's own layers of skin.Sensi-Graft ® is virtually a seamless transition between the growing hair and the hair that has been reconstructed, undetectable both visually and to a probing touch. Sensi-Graft ® has permanency without surgery, allowing individuals with larger thinning areas to eliminate surgical transplants and scalp reductions, as well as non-surgical methods

Look at the Sensi-Graft ® hairline: Individual hairs emerging from the scalp, in light density following an irregular pattern. This is how a real, growing hairline looks. Don't believe us? Look at anyone you know with a full head of hair. Then look at these photos.

Sensi-Graft's ® capability to replace hair in any area of the scalp, and recreate a frontal hairline, makes it ideal for sufferers of male and female pattern baldness, and burn and scar victims.

Unlike surgical techniques, Sensi-Graft ® requires no "donor" area, nor is its success dependent upon the texture and curl pattern of donor hair.


The Sensi-Graft ® procedure can be used to provide additional hair to those who've already undergone hair replacement surgery but want greater density.

 Sensi-Graft ® will be a larger investment than standard hair systems over time, but provides added features and benefits. You will need to decide whether a standard non-surgical system would suit your needs or whether you would like the added benefits of Sensi-Graft ®. Your Transitions International Center provides both and can explain the differences and based on your needs, recommend the right choice of treatment

Sensi-Graft ® is truly a breakthrough of monumental proportion, proving extremely effective in the treatment of inherited hair loss as well as hair loss due to factors such as accidents medical treatment or systemic disorders. However, not everyone who suffers from hair loss is a viable candidate. Approximately 65% of the population are candidates. Candidacy can only be determined by a 30-minute diagnostic evaluation performed at any of the Transitions International affiliates worldwide.