Longview officers execute traffic warrant sweep

By Bob Hallmark - bio | email

LONGVIEW,TX (KLTV) - Those who had outstanding tickets in Gregg county were the focus of a two day warrant sweep by Longview law enforcement. Armed with a top ten wanted list Longview warrant officers are on the hunt for outstanding traffic offenders.

"Some of them are just repeat offenders that get a ticket and put some money down and start a payment plan and while their on payment plan get some more citations and some of them just don't care," says Longview warrant officer Lynn Eakin.

A warning was issued as the city sent out letters to 57-hundred defendants representing more than 9-thousand outstanding warrants, worth over 3-million dollars in revenue. The message: come to us or we'll come to you.

"Come on in we'll work something out with you instead of going to jail make some kind of payment arrangement we'll set up a payment plan," Eakin says.

Some faced only a few hundred dollars in fines while others racked up 20 and 30 warrants for thousands of dollars. Warrant officers have heard all excuses.

"And some I just forgot and I don't see how they forgot because one they get the ticket by the officer and two we send them letters saying you have a court date to come in to plead," Eakin says.

The defendants are not hardened criminals , but sometimes they do surprise officers.

"it can get wild sometimes , they take off running , we have to chase them down," says warrant officer Linda Perez.

Because the problem continues, the warrant roundup will now be held every 3 months.

"this is like a bill, like a swepco or cable bill but they can't arrest you we can, so this is bill that you need to pay, one you're going to pay or two you're going to jail," Eakin says.

Around 40 arrests were made in today's roundup. Those who escape arrest will have one more chance to come in on their own and pay their fines on Monday, or face arrest.

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