To legalize, or not to legalize, that's the proposition

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EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - The election tap continues to flow, as more East Texas cities consider becoming "wetter" this weekend.

Voters in Brownsboro, Fruitvale, Grand Saline, Jacksonville and Troup will head to the polls to weigh in on local option alcohol propositions.

Jacksonville early voting numbers were through the roof.  Betty Thompson, city secretary, said 971 early votes were cast, representing more than 10 percent of registered voters.

Thompson spent the day, Friday, inside the Jacksonville Public Library, initialing ballots for Saturday's election.

She said the vote is only for residents inside the city limits, but during early voting, many county residents were turned away.

Jacksonville's two propositions: (1) the legal sale of beer and wine for off premise consumption, and (2), the legal sale of mixed beverages in restaurants.

This week, the Concerned Citizens of Troup started running a television ad, urging voters to shoot down two similar propositions facing Troup residents.  There is also a third option which would legalize the sale of all types of alcohol for off-site consumption.

"The vote, for us, is about the betterment of the community," said Rene Stovall.

Stovall lives just outside the Troup city limits, which means she won't get to cast a vote. But that has not stopped her, nor her committee from running the television ad asking voters to "keep Troup safe" by "voting no on alcohol."

"My husband and I were raised here, our business is here, and we have property here in town," she said. "Progress for Troup is not going to come through alcohol sales."

James Hughes lives in Troup and plans to vote, in favor or the propositions.

"Most definitely, yes," he said.

Brownsboro voters will also vote on the legalization of beer and wine sales for off-site consumption.

Registered voters in Grand Saline will consider a similar proposition, plus the sale of all alcoholic drinks, and the legal sale of mixed drinks in restaurants.

Wet/dry elections are scheduled to be held for Bullard and Whitehouse in November.

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