Man explains purpose of controversial billboards

MARSHALL, TX (KLTV) - By Bob Hallmark - bio | email
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MARSHALL, TX (KLTV) - An East Texan is getting his point across with billboards. The signs voice simple thoughts on the Obama Administration.

The billboards began in Marshall, with the latest in Longview, taking jabs at the Obama Administration, with phrases like, "Embarrassed yet?" and "Wake up."

Both are identified as paid for by E.M. Citizen. Who is E.M.? Ellis Miller of Gilmer.

"I was frustrated by how things were going with the health care bill and other aspects of the administration," Miller explained.

Neither Republican or Democrat, at 69 the mild mannered and soft spoken Miller is a retired doctor in Gilmer who wants to make his voice known.

"Seemed to ignore what people wanted, what can I do," he said. "I have health reasons that I can't get out and go to tea parties, and it came to me, put up a billboard."

His concerns are over people not paying attention to what he says the administration is saying.

"'I'm going to fundamentally change your country,' [the president says,] and people ignore it, 'I'm going to redistribute the wealth,' [the president says,] and people ignore it," said Miller.

Miller says he did not put the billboards up to incite anger or violence against the government but to make Americans think, "Is this government doing the will of the people?"

"You can have as many polls as you want to about what people think," he said. "They ignore them. They have an agenda."

He works two days a week now as a registered nurse, but worries about the state of health care.

"I'm afraid that people my age will be cut off from health Medicare," said Miller. "I hope that people will realize what's happening to their country."

Miller says he is going to put up yet another sign when the funds become available. The billboards cost around $500 a cycle to advertise on.

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