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4/22/03 - Tyler

Message Of Love Comes Written On Cardboard

With fiance Marine Cpl. Daniel Miller overseas, Alicia Prather was hoping for some word from him. Her first contact in over a month came last week, hurriedly written on a piece of cardboard.

"I really can't find the words to express it," she says, "He's just thinking about me, and that's it's so special to me."

The postcard literally looks like it was torn from the end of a cardboard box. She says it looks like he was rushing to mail call, and just grabbed something to write a letter with.

For Alicia, the medium isn't important, just the message.

"Alicia," it says, "Didn't have much time to write this, dug in right now. Doing well, got shot at yesterday, real close, staying low. Missing you a lot, can't wait to see you again. Stay well, I love you."

"Love, Daniel."

Coincidentally, three weeks ago, Alicia was worried because she heard reports Daniel's unit had been attacked. Now, it seems at the same time she was worrying for him, he was writing her a letter to say he was okay.

"It's hard," she says. "I know anything I hear is not definite unless I hear it from him. The only definite source I have is him, and when you don't have much from him, it's very hard."

Alicia has already had pictures and keepsakes. Now, she's got a new memento.

"I take this everywhere," she says, holding the piece of cardboard with her fiance's handwriting scrawled on it.

"This lets me know that as of that moment, he was okay."

Reid Kerr ( reporting.

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