Website gives sneak peek into area through insurance claims

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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Before you move, there's a new website to help you know your surroundings. The site shows by region, the problems insurance companies run into most often, including everything from storms to fires to freezes. Now the code showing where the mail is headed is telling quite a bit about the place it came from.

"Wind, hail, water I am not surprised," said Laura Mohan. But the homeowner was surprised to find the top insurance claims were broken down by the five special digits. The new online tool gives users a look by zip code into the most common and costly claims.

"It really shows people how important it is to make sure that they have the right coverage," said insurance agent Randall Standifer, who adds the statistics tell the story wherever you are. "It just really helps them look and see a lot of hail damage," said Standifer. "That is the number one most common claim in this area."

Wind and water damage come next as weather claims take the three most common near Tyler. Information the observant homeowner can use to their advantage.

"For example in Jacksonville the most common is theft," said Standifer. "If you have an alarm system insurance companies see that you're being proactive." The approach could land you discounts, Standifer says the more prepared the customer the cheaper to insure.

Average cost per claim comes with each list, giving a well rounded view to both current and future residents.

"If somebody from another area...if they're looking at this and they're trying to find what it's all about then yeah I can see where it could help somebody," said Tyler native Danny Park.

"When you're applying for insurance they ask you what would you want the concentration to be and that might make a difference," said Mohan.

You can visit the website here:

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