Extreme home, sister style

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MINEOLA, TX (KLTV) - From the spa, to outer space, and back again. All week long, the Carr family has shown us why their Extreme home is the best, all thanks to the best team of East Texas volunteers. The ladies of the house help wrap things up by showing him what makes the perfect home for their one-of-a-kind family.

The word disabled is clearly not in Haydn's and Ryanne's vocabularies.

Waves, beach chairs and boogie boards make for more than just decorations. One surfboard is connected to a ginormous TV complete with a personalized surfing video game, making trips to the beach an almost everyday occurrence.

From bedroom to bathroom every inch of the home was designed to make life more livable.

"If we just had this sink, Rina wouldn't be able to wash her hands...so she has that little sink, and when Ryanne has her legs off, she can use that one...and when Ryanne has her legs on, she uses that one and I use that one," explained Haydn.

Makes sense to me.

"This toilet is for me and Ryanne when Ryanne has her legs on...and that one's for Ryanne when she has her legs off...and that one's for Rina, too."

Haydn says her favorite colors are blue and green. Ryanne's are pink and brown. Of course, the designers made sure those colors made it into the girl's bathroom.

Rina, knows how to throw a tea party and quickly put me to work making "cookies." Rina loves clay so everything in her room looks like it was molded in her little hands.

Rina, like big sister Ryanne, uses a prosthetic leg. So her bed is at just the right height beneath her bright new rainbow.

More than 5,000 volunteers worked in just over 100 hours leaving out not one detail to make it not just a house, but a home for six of their own.

As if the Carr's don't have enough to celebrate, Thursday was Haydn Carr's ninth birthday.

Happy birthday, Haydn! We wish you many more inside that beautiful new home.

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