Community Spotlight - Friends of Boulter

EAST TEXAS - It is May and school will be out soon and typically for most teachers, there is a general sigh of relief when that final bell rings.  But for the teachers at Boulter Middle School in Tyler, there may be a small part of them that will miss the days of full classrooms.  That's because a local church and group of businesses have stepped up through the vision of Principle Adrian Vega to form the "Boulter Board of Friends".  This group has tapped into volunteer time and materials to address numerous needs around the Boulter campus positively affecting the pride of the students and staff.  Additionally, another body was organized out of the "Board of Friends" group. The "Friends of Boulter" have now formed to honor and support the more than 70 staff members at the school.  Caring volunteers are assigned a specific staff member and then they encourage that staff member through regular delivery of cards, small gifts, emails, you name it.  Staff members are invited to attend special events around Thanksgiving and Teacher Appreciation week, but more than anything, the goal of the "Friends of Boulter" is to encourage and lift up every teacher and staff member.  Many of the volunteers have no student connection to Boulter, they do this purely to improve the culture at the school.  The beauty of this is that any church or community group can pattern it for a school in their area.  So it is with hope of duplication across our area that we name the Friends of Boulter Middle School as KLTV's Community Spotlight for May.