Billboard in Marshall asks controversial question

MARSHALL, TX (KLTV) - By Bob Hallmark - bio | email
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MARSHALL, TX (KLTV) - On TV, in their homes, and even on our website, many people have voiced their displeasure with the current administration. But, in one East Texas town, a billboard is stirring the pot of political argument.

On Highway 59 in Marshall you come across a curious billboard, that simply says, "Vote Obama? Embarrassed yet?"

People are stopping their cars to get a closer look.

"I think people are just too quick to judge," said Roderick Martin. "I mean a president's term is not determined in the first year - the first two years."

Identified only as paid for by EM citizen, those who work only blocks away and see the sign each day have mixed reactions to it.

"[It is] somebody else's opinion because it really doesn't matter," said William Coates. "People voted for him and they knew what he was going to do so they just have to wait over time 'till he shows what he's going to do."

Some say it is nothing more than exercising the right to free speech.

"It really doesn't hurt anybody," said one person. "If you want to say that you will."

"Probably just the fact that they didn't win the presidency that their just trying to make it seem like he's done bad things right now."

Others were more offended.

"It really shouldn't matter and he will be in office for a while and people need to learn to respect him," said Annie King. "I knew who I voted for and why I voted for him so I'm just waiting for him to show us."

But for now, many drivers say they are not phased by the billboard.

"It's not solving anything or proving anything."

But, it is serving its purpose. Whether you like it or not, it is definitely drawing attention.

We tried contacting the client that bought the billboard through the advertising company, but have not had any response.

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