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4/21/03 - Longview

Longview Dedicates New Water Treatment Plant

The city of Longview gets its water from three sources, the Sabine River, Lake Cherokee and now Lake O' The Pines.

The idea for the Lake O' The Pines water treatment facility began seven years ago.

Monday's dedication of the new water treatment facility began with the ceremonial ribbon cutting and presenting the facility with a plaque of names of politicians who helped bring about it's existence.

But how does this benefit the citizens of Longview?

Well the proof is in the pudding, or in this case the oxygen.

"It's all right," says one man who took a sip of water.

What makes the Lake O' The Pines plant different from any other treatment facility in east Texas is that it uses oxygen instead of chlorine to treat the water.

"So we put the ozone treatment in. It's the best disinfectant process that there is that you can do it on a scale, that is disinfect on a scale this size," says utility plant manager Mike Brown.

The ozone treatment isn't just cleaner it's also cheaper.

That's because to make it they use electrical currents rather than expensive chemicals.

They are able to treat 10 million gallons of water per day.

"This plant is designed just to provide water for the north sections of Longview primarily of the Judson area and Spring Hill area but we do intend to deliver to other sections of water," says water department director Keith Bond.

The new water plant has also taken extra security precautions.

Only authorized personnel are allowed inside and there are several cameras monitoring the entire facility.

Amy Tatum, reporting.

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