Police attempt to put rumors to rest about violence near SFA

University PD Chief Marc Cossich
University PD Chief Marc Cossich

By Donna McCollum - email

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - No one got shot, and no one died.

That's what Nacogdoches Police and University Police at SFA are saying following an incident early Sunday morning involving gunfire.

Nacogdoches Police were breaking up a large, unruly crowd in the Taco Bell parking lot on North Street around the time when bars close and parties break up. Portions of the crowd made their way across North Street to Feazill Street.

Moments later police and bystanders heard gunshots from the same direction.

"Someone in the crowd threw an object, possibly a rock or brick at this vehicle," NPD spokesman Greg Sowell said. "It hit it. At that time, there were gunshots, reportedly from out of this vehicle."

The spent handgun casings were found in a vacant lot near SFA's Village parking lot. It was there, about an hour later, another incident took place. Charges include illegal drugs, public intoxication and a prohibited weapon.

"A weapon was found," said UPD Chief Marc Cossich. "It was not the same caliber as the shell casings that were found. "

Another possible connection came when a car similar to the one seen on Feazill Street was discovered.

"We waited in that area," Cossich said. "Found the person that was driving it and we're still looking into that right now."

Still nothing solid. Police are doing their job, while also contending with false rumors.

"I've heard everything from we had a fatality to someone was shot," Sowell said.

"I sent an e-mail out yesterday to try to stop some of the rumors," Cossich said.

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