Giving the school a reason to cheer

By Coleman Swierc - bio | email

BROWNSBORO, TEXAS (KLTV) - With every drive and every putt, Trey Volentine swings with a purpose.

"When that score went up and I realized I qualified for the state tournament, it was awesome," said Trey, on his recent success at the Class 3A Regional Tournament. "And I realize that not a lot of people have done that in Brownsboro."

In fact, very few.

His trip to Austin, has made him a local hero. Trey is the first Brownsboro golfer to qualify for state, in more than 30 years.

"The reaction of the town was really unreal, people that I did not even realize were following me in our community, but it was an unreal experience," said Volentine, "For them to come up to me and congratulate me, I really appreciate the support they have given me."

His trip to state, also serves a bigger purpose, as the school and community, have looked for a reason to cheer.

Less than a week ago, 18 year old Alex Conway, a senior at Brownsboro, died from injuries following a car accident.

"It has been a tragic week, it has been a long week, but if I can go to state and shoot a couple of good rounds, then maybe I can make a little bit of a difference," said Trey, "And that maybe I can help lighten the mood around the community by doing well."

"Our school has something to rally around, with our baseball and softball and now Trey," said Brownsboro golf coach Alec Wofford, "And that is really going to help bring the kids back together."

So in just over a week, he will take the course in Austin, with a purpose, to play well for himself, and to play well for that they, may have a reason to cheer.

"I feel privileged to go down an represent Brownsboro, and maybe finish the year on a positive note, and not a tragic note."

Volentine will play in the state tournament that starts on May 13th at the Roy Kizer Memorial Golf Course in Austin.

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