A Better East Texas: Arizona or Amnesty

The Governor of the state of Arizona has signed into law very controversial legislation that allows Arizona law enforcement to check citizenship status of anyone that they suspect could be an illegal alien. Seventy percent of the state's population supports the bill but the federal government is considering a lawsuit on the bill's violation of civil rights and prospect that this law legalizes racial profiling. The law goes into effect in 90 days so there is sure to be legal challenge from many sides. The potentially promising effect of this entire exercise is that this will probably force Congress to pass some type of national immigration reform bill sooner than later.  Not surprisingly, many Democrats in congress want to put off a vote on this topic until a non-election year. But this law in Arizona is truly a statement of the drain that illegal immigration is putting on that state. Something had to be done. Now, the other side of the argument includes the possibility of an amnesty program for the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. So, no doubt, other states, including Texas, are watching what plays out in the Arizona situation.  But securing our borders is a federal issue and must be dealt with at that level with laws enforced at that level - whatever the laws might be. If we can settle this argument now then the question of "Amnesty or Arizona?" will be answered and that will make for a stronger nation and a Better East Texas.