Military Family Gets Intercontinental Easter Wishes

Last week, Debbie and Curtis Harmon missed a very important phone call from overseas. Their son, Marine Chris Harmon, called from Iraq, but no one was home to take the call.

"We were just devastated," Debbie says, "And on that message he said he didn't think he'd get another call."

"But yesterday," she says, "Happy Easter! We got a surprise and he called."

It was happy holidays for the Harmons, yesterday Chris was able to call again.

"It was probably only about five minutes," Debbie says, laughing. "He was obviously on a time limit when he was told he had to get off the phone."

"It was nice to hear his voice," Curtis says. "It was the first time we'd heard from him since he went to Kuwait. It's comforting to know he's still there, he's still okay."

While this military family watches the war, just a few words from their oldest son have soothed the worries for now.

"Not hearing anything kind of keeps you on edge," Curtis says. "Plus not knowing what part of the country he's in at a given time makes it kind of weird too."

Debbie was just glad to hear anything.

"I know they say that if you don't hear anything it's the safest, but it's just so hard to deal with when you have no idea of where they are."

For this family, a simple phone call has made their holidays.

"To hear his was just so wonderful," Debbie says.

"It was priceless, there's no putting a value on it."

Reid Kerr ( reporting.