Proud of East Texas: John Borgstedt

Proud of East Texas: John Borgstedt

By Joan Hallmark - bio | email

Child abuse is much more common than most of us realize and that's the reason John Borstedt has put his childhood experiences into his book "I Love You Mom: Please Don't Break My Heart".

Borgstedt suffered through a childhood of sexual, mental and physical abuse from his mother. In between bouts of abuse she would commit him to state institutions. But in each case the doctors would send him home after finding nothing wrong with him. His mother finally gave out of paces to send him and his negative behavior a teenager trying to get his mother's attention landed him in prison. Ironically it was while in prison that Borgstedt reaffirmed his faith in God and turned his life around.

Borgstedt is often invited to speak before law enforcement's officers and child welfare agencies. He hopes his book will help draw attention to the problem of child abuse and help those who have suffered from it.

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