Equine rescue group hosts much needed fund-raiser

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By Bob Hallmark - bio | email

LONGVIEW,TX (KLTV) - An East Texas rescue operation has strived to save every horse in need of help for a decade. Safe Haven Equine Rescue hopes to continue their efforts and today supporters gave them a chance with an important fundraiser. Music, classic cars, tractors, and a little fun, were all part of keeping Safe Haven equine rescue efforts alive.

"This is a worthwhile cause, animals that can't do anything for themselves so its up to us to take care of them," says Tyler supporter Ben Lowery.

Ten years of rescues were celebrated at the Longview Rodeo Grounds. Hundreds turned out to support an organization that has saved hundreds of horses from certain death over the years.

"It was important to me because I had seen horses that had been abused," says Henderson supporter Karen Aggen. "I volunteered a I got to see what the horse looked like when they got there and I wanted to raise money for the horses."

Special recognition was given to Ruth Meadows, who founded the organization in 2000.

"To see a starved horse bring him back to health running across that pasture with his tail up pride makes you feel real good," says Safe Haven director Richard Fincher.

The organization comes with big costs in animal care, but those who support it say the rescue efforts are priceless.

"I would tell them thank you for helping to save the horses that are in need," says Kilgore supporter Janis Branch.

If you'd like to help the continuing work of Safe Haven, you can contact them at their location in Bettie, just north of Gilmer.

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