Cinco De Mayo celebrations kick off early

By Courtney Lane - bio | email

It's not quite the fifth of May but that's not stopping the Cinco De Mayo festivities across east Texas. In Tyler Saturday, Green Acres Baptist Church partnered with some of their mission churches to host a Cinco De Mayo party.

On a day filled with rallies across the country expressing anger over Arizona's immigration law, some Tylerites were promoting peace.

"This is a day where we're not bringing the politics in, we're not going to focus on what's happening in Arizona," said organizer Angela Correa.

"Let's open up our minds and open up our hearts like this community has in the past and find out the truth," said fellow organizer Gus Ramirez. "What is the truth, it's always been a federal issue. There's some excellent immigration attorneys, let's debate this issue and get it settled."

Event organizers say there are numerous problems facing our nation and that's why it's even more important to unite.

"The spirit of the community, just to be together and work together is good and hopefully that won't hinder anything," said Dale Pond with Green Acres Baptist Church.

And on Cinco De Mayo, there is a lot of Latin flair and unique culture to soak up.

"It's important for us to come together as a community and just got back to our roots where we came from and it's just a celebration of who we are," said Correa.

"It's just a pride and joy to be a part of this big family, this community, and my heart goes out to Green Acres Baptist Church for allowing this and being the major sponsors,"said Ramirez.

It offered all kinds of family fun. From delicious food, live music, information for the community and lots of kids activities, even singing clowns! Celebrating the Latin American heritage and partnering together, despite a growing a divide in some parts of the nation.

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