Extremely made over, the Carr Family settles into new home

By Layron Livingston - bio | email

WOOD COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - So, what is it like to be *extremely made over?  For Mike, Katrina, Nikolas, Haydn, Ryanne and Rina Carr, the surprises just keep on coming.

Their first electric bill was only twenty dollars more than the average bill from the old house.

"It floored me," Katrina said, laughing.  "The water bill is another story because I like my new bath tub."

The Carr Family spent its first night in the new home the day after the big reveal.

"It's kind of like moving into a very fancy hotel for a few weeks...you didn't want to touch anything," said Katrina.

Mike said the house is starting to feel home.

The family said it took longer than anyone expected to get used to their gift.

"We didn't go around and hug the [old] house, or kiss it goodbye, but it kind of feels like that's what we should have done," said Mike.

Katrina expressed that the hardest part for her was watching her oldest daughter, Haydn struggling with the loss.  "She is like her momma, very attached, very sentimental."

"We thought we had a good handle on it, but there is something really profound seeing your house completely gone," she said.

The old home was just under 1,500 sq. ft.  Heated and cooled, the new house is close to 4,000 sq. ft.

"I don't know how many stories I've heard about how cold and wet and muddy and happy people were [during the build]," said Katrina.

Mike is still amazed by the detail that went into his new home.  "Extra love," he called it.

"I haven't had headaches, I haven't been sick, I haven't felt bad since we moved in," he said.  Mike is a cancer survivor, himself, and has also been through three transplant surgeries.

Both parents said watching Ryanne and Rina simply access their bathroom has helped remove a once heavy burden.

"You can see their confident and more comfortable in their own home now," said Mike.

The Carr Family said it's all thanks to the more than 5,000 blue-shirted volunteers.

"In the lottery, you win money, but we've won an incredibly large family," said Mike.

"Thank you, East Texas.  We will do whatever we can to honor this gift," he said.

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