East Texans Wait For Family's Marching Orders

While the kids were getting ready for Easter Saturday, their family was celebrating a reprieve. Uncle Michael Tippett, scheduled to be in Iraq, was still stateside.

"He was scheduled to be deployed to Iraq April tenth with the first cavalry, and ten thousand other troops, " Michael's sister April Alva said. "He got a thirty day standdown."

April says the decision made for conflicting emotions.

"He wanted to go," she says. "He was disappointed, you know how soldiers are. But we were all relieved."

The war has been hard for April. Even though she's from a military family, it's still hard to follow the war with her brother in the Army.

"I have to force myself to turn off the news," she explains. "Especially at the beginning when we first when over there, I had it on all the time."

For her little brother, the change of direction was disheartening. Michael served in Afghanistan, and was looking forward to again serving his country overseas.

"I talked to him two days ago and he said he was disappointed," she says, "Because he wanted to see part of the action and defend the country, the principles that the country was founded on."

It's been less than two years in the Army for Triplett, but since then, he's fought in Afghanistan, married, and had his first child, a two month old baby boy. He's part of the First Cavalry, stationed at Fort Hood awaiting further orders by the second week of May.

April is proud of Michael, but she's also glad that at least for now, things are under control.

"I hope he doesn't have to go," she admits. "I know he wants to go, but the family hopes he doesn't have to. If he does, you understand and support it."

"But you don't want him to."

Reid Kerr (rkerr@kltv.com) reporting.