The Diner's Egg White Vegetable Frittata

The Diner's Egg White Vegetable Frittata

3 eggs with the whites removed (You can also find pasteurized egg whites at your grocer)

2 oz of diced yellow onion

2 oz of leaf spinach

2 oz of slice mushrooms

4 slices of tomatoes, slice 1/3rd of an inch thick

First, apply salt and pepper blend to the tomatoes and cook on both sides until the edges begin to break down. Set aside on a plate.

Lightly coat your non stick skillet with vegetable oil, olive oil, or a non stick spray

Add your onions and mushrooms and sautee' them for 2 minutes or until tender

Add your spinach and sautee until slightly wilted

After spinach is slightly wilted, add your egg whites

After the edges of the whites begin to bubble, lift the edges with a rubber spatula

Allow liquid to flow underneath the cooked egg all around the skillet

When the egg white is 3/4 firm, flip the frittata

Allow frittata to simmer for another minute or so until firm

Slide onto your plate and place your 4 grilled tomatoes on top.

Serve it with your favorite salsa or fresh pico de gallo