Macular Degeneration

One day your vision is crystal clear. The next day, it's not. That's what happens to hundreds of baby boomers each year who have macular degeneration.

Elaine Day found out she had wet macular degeneration --also known as Wet AMD after a routine trip to the doctor. You get Wet AMD when blood vessels in your retina leak.

In very little time your vision begins go away.

Elaine can hardly sew anymore -- and she can't see at all in her right eye. But there is hope out there for Elaine and others like her with a therapy called Visudine, which is in clinical trials right now in East Texas.

It uses a laser to cauterize the leaking blood vessels. Some people have been able to stop the progression of the disease with the therapy, but it does not cure macular degeneration.

Dr. Ali Vagifi is the only doctor in the area who can perform the clinical trial therapy. To see if you are eligible for the clinical trial call 1-800-STUDY85.