Family's Home Victimized While Away at Funeral

A Rusk County family arrived back home from the funeral of one of their family members to find another tragic loss. They had been victims of burglary and arson.

62 year old Gordon Gatlin died of a heart attack Monday, and his family had spend 2 hours Thursday at graveside services.  During that time their homes were broken into, televisions , tools and other items were stolen, and one home set on fire. The Gatlins live in a very remote wooded area of New London , and they feel whoever did this knew exactly when to strike. Investigators say the fire was deliberately set.  The worst part for the family is the things they can't replace. Worse for Kim Gatlin, every half-burnt keepsake that reminds her of her husband; pictures, his knife collection, and other little things are all gone. The case is under investigation, but as of yet no suspects have been identified.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.