Mosquito Control in Effect, Experts Warning of West Nile Comeback

West Nile is expected to be much worse this year than last. Today, Smith County started their two-pronged attack against mosquitoes. They're concentrating on anywhere where there is standing water. They have a battle plan, and now they're making their move.

"We've bought eight cases of them. It's the most we've ever bought."

Gary Chambers believes if there can be a silver bullet for the mosquito problem, this is it. Small briquettes, that get the bloodsuckers at the source.

"It causes [mosquitoes] not to develop. Once they're in place, they do treatment for six months," he says.

Chemicals are no longer pumped into the air. The only spraying is on the water.  It's not pesticide. Instead, non-toxic mineral oil.

"The mineral oil will coat the surface of the water. It spreads out, and the larval mosquitoes -- when they come to the top, instead of encountering air, they encounter oil. It suffocates them."

It is simple and effective. It's easy to get them in the creeks. But in your birdbath, or in your backyard, you could be breeding your own mosquitoes.

"Mosquitoes don't have to fly very far to bite people, and that's where it becomes a real problem."

So, empty birdbaths every three days. No matter where you go, use repellent. It's your most effective armor.

Reported by Morgan Palmer.