State bound siblings

By Ryan Peterson - bio | email

BULLARD, TX (KLTV) -   Christopher Braaten admits he's not perfect to his little sister Cassaundra.  But on the tennis court he's her biggest fan.

"When someone's in a match, we're the biggest supporter," said Christopher Braaten.

"We're definitely there to cheer each other on in every match," said his sister Cassaundra.  "Then we'll practice against each other and he'll correct me."

The two have grown close on the tennis court.  They're father Mark, says they make each other better.

"Being extremely competitive they push each other," said Mark Braaten.  "They also coach each other. If they're watching a match and their seeing something, they'll share notes afterwards. They push each other, demand each other and help each other."

So it's a very proud week for the Braaten family. 18 year old Christopher and 16 year old Cassaundra have both qualified for the state tournament.

"Chris has been shooting for 4 years," said Mark Braaten.  "Cassandra made a good run. Our wildest dream is that both would make it and they did."

Chris says the odds are against them bring the family two state titles, but they're glad to be going together.

"I think it's awesome that we both get to go and have somebody to hang out with," he said.  "But definitely as a senior I'm glad to make the trip."

Cassaundra excited to go as a sophomore.

"I'll get to watch him (Christopher) and cheer him on and hopefully watch him win"

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