UPDATE: East Texas high schooler passes away

BROWNSBORO, TX (KLTV) - UPDATE 04/28/2010 02:24PM - East Texas highschooler, Alex Conway, has passed away. Friends of the family confirmed the news Wednesday afternoon.

By Sara Story - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas high schooler remains in critical condition this evening after a crash involving an tractor trailer. The accident happened Monday afternoon. Brownsboro Police Department says the tractor trailer was traveling Eastbound on Highway 31 and a Camaro, driven by Alex Conway, was traveling Northbound on FM 314.

"Right now she is in God's hands, and we need you to pray to God to take care of her and bring her home, bring her back to us," said Laura Conway, Alex's aunt.  Her grandmother, Karen Conway added, "All you can say at this point in time is prayers."

Alex Conway's family says she has a full life ahead of her. "When she puts her mind to something, no one is going to trip her up. She reaches for the stars, and she's going to get there. She'll get there," said Laura Conway.

Alex is an honor student, volleyball player, track runner, and a member of the marching band. The Brownsboro High School senior has been looking forward to graduation and prom. Her aunt said, "She came over and was so excited, and the [prom] dress was so beautiful, and she was going to look like a princess."

All of these plans, have been put on hold following the wreck. "Whenever I heard there was an 18-wheeler involved, it is just kind of hard to wrap your head around," said Laura Conway. Gloria Hosch works nearby the intersection where the wreck happened. She said, "As I was counting money, I heard the impact, looked up and her car was just spinning. It did probably about three spins. Debris just flying everywhere. The driver side door was not attached to the door."

Brownsboro Police Department says it appears Conway ran a red light. The tractor trailer tried to avoid the collision but smashed into her Camaro and then flipped into a ditch. Police say the driver of the truck was not injured, but Conway was careflighted to ETMC.

"She is in a coma...Right now, it is just keep an eye and wait and pray, and I hope that she can come out of this with very little damage," said Laura Conway.  Alex is surrounded by family and friends who are waiting anxiously for a recovery. Laura Conway said, "I saw all the kids there...it filled my heart to see so many people caring."

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