A Better East Texas: Potential new salts regulations

Americans love to salt their food.  And most healthcare providers will agree that too much salt is a health risk.  Well, the F-D-A is considering stepping in to regulate the legal limits of how much salt food producers including restaurants can include in their recipes.  A recent study has also come out stating that too much sugar is another villain that is hurting the health of our country.  That study found that the typical American consumes one-hundred, fifty-six pounds of sugar every year.  It is no secret that East Texans love to eat but regulating salt and potentially sugar content is not the way to get us to eat healthier.  Face it, if you know that you are eating a reduced salt dish from your favorite restaurant, what do you do?  We grab the salt shaker and add salt.  That action probably results in even more salt being added than existed before.  The government should encourage less salt in food but the real push needs to be education of consumers to voluntarily reduce our intake.  Otherwise we will continue down the path of increasing our chances heart disease, stroke and other health problems. More government regulations will not solve this problem, only the voluntary awareness that what we eat does make a difference in our lives, and that will make for a healthier and better East Texas.