East Texas Storm Damage Reports

By Michael Hetrick

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - Here are the storm damage reports from across East Texas reported to the National Weather Service in Ft. Worth and Shreveport, LA from Friday night and early Saturday morning.


7:41PM     Queen City     Cass Co.
     A National Weather Service storm survey conducted Saturday morning confirms that a large tree was uproated by an EF0 tornado.  Large branches were broken off on FM 96.  A 20 foot section of roof was peeled off a building on HWY 59.  Some of the tin was wrapped around a nearby power pole.

1:45AM     Mabank     Kaufman Co.
     A National Weather Service storm survey conducted Saturday morning confirms that an EF1 tornado briefly occured in Mabank.  A home was damaged.  Winds of 90 MPH with a track of 1/4 mile.

2:33AM     Quitman     Wood Co.
A National Weather Service storm survey conducted Saturday confirms that an EF0 tornado occured along County Rd. 4919, 2925 and 4930.  Several large trees were uprooted along these roads.

2:46AM     Winnsboro     Wood Co.
A National Weather Service storm survey conducted Saturday comfirms that an EF0 tornado occured about 3 to 5 miles east of Winnsboro.  A metal hay barn was destroyed along HWY 11.  Portions of the roof and walls of the barn were blown 100 yards from their source.  Several trees were uprooted along HWY 11.


7:42PM     Atlanta/Queen City     Cass Co.
     Trees reported down across HWY 251 near HWY 77 on south end of Atlanta.  Several trees reported down in Queen City.

7:46PM     Elkhart     Anderson Co.
Trees down.

10:10PM     Jefferson     Marion Co.
Trees down along HWY 726 east of Lake O' the Pines

1:35AM     Tool     Henderson Co.
     Small tree limbs were knocked down in Tool.

1:35AM     Star Harbor     Henderson Co.
Minor roof damage reported and tree limbs down.

1:35AM     Star Harbor (Key Ranch Estates)     Henderson Co.
Several homes left uninhabitable after trees fell on them.  Several residents were trapped, but no one reported injured.

1:35AM     Star Harbor/Malakoff     Henderson Co.
Large boathouse had half it's roof blown off east of Star Harbor.  78 MPH wind gust measured in Malakoff

1:35AM     Gun Barrel City     Henderson Co.
Roof collapsed at business in strip mall.  Debris and damage to road signs reported.

1:42AM     Mabank     Kaufman Co.
Several buildings with significant damage in one city block.

2:04AM     Van/Canton     Van Zandt Co.
Numerous trees down 2 miles west of Van.  DPS Trooper reported possible tornado near Purtis Park, 2 miles SE of Odem.

2:15AM     Emory     Rains Co.
     Several trees down on roads in Rains Co.

2:15AM     Lindale     Smith Co.
Tree and powerlines down in Hideaway Lake community.  One home with wind damage on FM 724.  Trees and powerlines down along HWY 110 nothwest of Tyler.

2:22AM     Frankston     Anderson Co.
Trees down.

2:30AM     Quitman/Winnsboro     Wood Co.
Widespread downed trees and powerlines.

2:45AM     Mt. Vernon     Franklin Co.
Numerous trees and powerlines downed.  KLTV 7 Weathernet recorded a wind gust of 67 MPH.

3:00AM     Pittsburg     Camp Co.
Downed tree on powerline causing power outage.

3:00AM     Gilmer/Winnsboro     Upshur Co.
Trees down at FM 154 and FM 555 east of Gilmer.  Tree down at FM 852 and Ocelot Rd.

3:10AM     Pittsburg     Titus Co.
Several trees were blown down on both sides of HWY 11, 6 miles ENE of Pittsburg.


7:45PM     Queen City     Cass Co.
     Nickle size hail reported in Queen City.

8:50PM     New Summerfield     Cherokee Co.
     Nickle size hail reported.

3:15AM     Talco     Titus Co.
3/4 inch hail reported.

Information provided by National Weather Service.

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