Hundreds of Cats Remains Found in East Texas Home

Some call it one of the worst cases of animal abuse ever seen. Dozens of cats, perhaps as many as 100, have been found dead inside a home once occupied by Frank and Nelda Callier in Crockett.

Investigators say it looks like someone locked the doors, and left the cats to starve. Vera Woolley, who lives next door, says the Colliers moved out seven years ago. Since then, they've kept the home's water and electricity turned on, and the lawn cut.

Vera says she remembers them as good neighbors,"(They) had a little garden in the back and she baked for other people. She was a good cook, good housekeeper. I don't understand what happened to them."

The home was being repossessed. A real estate agent who went to the home discovered the skeletal remains spread throughout the vacant house. For now, the remains of the cats are still in the home. Authorities are looking into what, if any, charges will be filed.

Reported by our sister station, KTRE.