Redskins three East Texans strong

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LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - An NFL franchise now has three players from one East Texas high school on their roster. With the drafting of Oklahoma lineman Trent Williams, the Washington Redskins now have three former Longview Lobo players.

The fourth overall pick in the draft, Trent Williams, has fulfilled what many of his Longview High School coaches had suspected: he would be playing on Sundays.

"Trent you could see early on he had the kind of talent you don't see very often," said John Berry, assistant head coach.

"Well, when we had Trent we knew he had a chance to be really special - big kid, mobile as he is,"said John King. "We talked with him in high school about a chance maybe one day of playing on Sundays if he took care of business in college. Here we are today. Things kind of held true and fell in place for him."

The 315 pound bulldozer will beef up an aging Redskins offensive line, and coach, John King, who went to New York for the draft, says Williams will make an impact.

"I think he will," said King. "Like I say, Trent's very knowledgeable of the game. I think that's what separated him from the other guys, but he's also a great run blocker and got the quickness to be a great pass blocker as well."

"Trent's a force and he was always like that," said Berry. "His physical ability is probably superior to about 99.9% of the people out there you don't find a big kid with that kind of athleticism and he's got it."

Lobo players are getting popular with the Redskins. Former Lobos Robert Henson and Malcolm Kelly were drafted the last two years.

"I've never coached a kid that wanted to play harder, who loved the game more, had an interest in getting it done more than Robert Henson," said Berry.

"Here we are today with three of them on the Redskins," said King. "We're going to have to learn a few chants for Washington."

"To get three players from Longview into the same NFL ballclub I'm sure that's astronomical odds there," said Berry.

Maybe it's something in the water, and the coaches have become Redskins fans.

"I said surely I can get a ticket to a game," they laughed.

Many expect Williams will be the starter at left tackle, protecting the blind side of Donovan McNabb when the season starts.

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