2 East Texans disciplined by Texas Medical Board

Information released by the Texas Medical Board:

Medical Board Disciplines 59 Doctors and Issues 634 Licenses
Since its February 4-5 board meeting, the Texas Medical Board has taken disciplinary action against 59 licensed physicians. Two East Texans were among the 59 disciplined.

The actions included 10 violations based on quality of care; five actions based on unprofessional conduct; two nontherapeutic prescribing violations; five actions based on inadequate medical records violations; two actions based on advertising violations; two voluntary surrenders; one revocation;  two actions based on failure to properly supervise or delegate; three actions based on violation of probation or prior order; two actions based on actions by another state or entity; two orders modifying a prior order; one action based on a criminal conviction; two cease and desist orders; action against one surgical assistant; and five corrective orders. The board issued 17 orders for minor statutory violations.

At its April 7-8 meeting, the board also issued 634 physician licenses.

Brashear, Doyle Hubbard, M.D., Lic. #C4954, Lufkin TX

On April 9, 2010, the Board and Doyle Hubbard Brashear, M.D., entered into an Agreed Order that requires Dr. Brashear, a psychiatrist, to cease treatment of chronic pain patients and complete eight hours of CME in medical record-keeping. The basis for action was Dr. Brashear's failure to maintain adequate medical records, and his failure to follow Board rules on the treatment of pain management.

Webster, Bennie, Ph.D., (no license) Tyler, TX
On April 9, 2010, the Board and Bennie Webster, Ph.D., who does not hold a current license to practice medicine in the State of Texas, entered into an Agreed Cease and Desist Order. The Order was based on Dr. Webster having engaged in the unlicensed practice of medicine, or having engaged in representing herself as a doctor or physician, in Tyler, Smith County, Texas, at the Community Health Clinic of Northeast Texas, by: representing that she was a doctor in a medical clinic; constructively practicing medicine by directing one or more physicians as to how and when to practice medicine; ordering the dispensation of narcotics from the clinic pharmacy to clinic patients; ordering clinic staff to write prescriptions for clinic patients; and referring to herself in the presence of one or more patients as "Dr. Bennie Webster," resulting in one or more patients believing her to be a medical doctor, all of which has been denied by Dr. Webster. The order requires Dr. Webster to immediately halt all such activity.