Is the world coming to an end? All roads lead to....

By Layron Livingston - bio | email

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - Thousands of people have been injured or killed this month, alone--earthquakes have rocked China, the United States, Australia, and Mexico.

Air travel is slowly resuming across the Atlantic, following a volcanic explosion which clouded the sky with ash.

Movies, such as 2012, or Armageddon, have already tapped into that deep-seeded fear: life on earth will someday come to an end.

"It's not doomsday," said Chris Bailey.  "The idea is anticipating something better, something greater."

Bailey is an elder with the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Tyler.  He said he believes in the life and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Now he is waiting for the advent, or Jesus' second coming.

"These signs are letting us know that we're nearing a climax, a conclusion," he said.  "The closer we get to [Jesus'] coming, the more active we should be in trying to invite and encourage others to join us."

Steven Ball, Ph.D., is a physicist with LeTourneau University. Ball agreed the Bible foretells signs, but he was hesitant to call earth's natural occurrences--including the most events, such as the Icelandic volcano--apocalyptic.

"When you have a planet with plate tectonics, you get volcanoes, you get earthquakes--it's part of the package," he said.

He said it's happened for century after century, but increased media reports have also made them appear more prevalent.

Self-proclaimed Christian, and New Testament scholar, Viktor Roudkovski, Ph.D., said we've always had political confusion, war, rumors of wars, famine, disease, and earthquakes.

But Roudkovski said it is dangerous to correlate those events to the end.  He said the end actually began when Jesus Christ came the first time.

"We live in this tension between 'already' and 'not yet,'" he said.  "Already, [Jesus] is Lord, but he has not yet established the kingdom of God here on this earth."

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