Gift of Love: 13-year-old Shawn

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - By Jennifer Hines - bio | email
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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Shaw is a young boy who has overcoming all odds. Now, this special child needs a forever family to help him preserve through his teenage years and into adult life.

We met up with 13-year-old Shawn at the Brookshire's Wildlife Museum, and in no time he found his favorite animals.

"The monkeys over there," he said.

In the game of life, Shawn has over come many odds. Despite many physical limitations, Shawn attempts to engage in most activities for a child his age. Shawn receives special services in school and with this help he's able to pass his classes.

He also likes playing at the Boys and Girls Club.

He loves video games.

"I like the Xbox, the Playstation 2s and the Xbox 360s," said Shawn.

He is also interested in learning how to cook. Right now, he is looking for a good recipe for peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies! This incredible kid has the travel bug.

"I'd like to go to Walt Disney World," he said.

Shawn and his two siblings are placed in separate foster homes. He would like to continue visiting with his siblings in order to rebuild their relationships. Shawn says he would love to have more brothers and sisters.

"I'm tired of being in foster care," he said.

As for his three wishes...

"I wish I could fly, be a super hero and I wish I was adopted," he said.

He is a happy, young boy hoping there is a forever family out there willing to open up their home and their hearts and show him the gift of love.

If you'd like to know more about Shawn, call our Gift of Love hotline, toll-free, 1-888-KIDS-275.

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