Explosives, Fire Arms and False IDs

According to an affidavit, the FBI has been investigating 62 year old William Krar since early 2002. He is in jail right now. He's been accused of selling bogus IDs, keeping suspicious materials in a storage unit and according to the affidavit, he may be involved in what they call Anti-American activity.

This investigation began when a package sent by Krar from a Tyler address was mistakenly received by a man in New York.

According to the affidavit, the package contained phony "identification documents ..." including a United Nations Multinational Force Observer Identification Card and a Defense Intelligence Agency ID card. They were allegedly being sent to a man claiming to be a member of "the New Jersey Militia." That led the FBI to check out the mail coming in and going out of his mail box for two months at a former Mail Boxes ETC. in Tyler.

The affidavit said that's how the FBI learned Krar had two storage units in Noonday. Authorities raided the units and found what is believed to be chemicals, explosives and firearms.

As the investigation continued, the FBI discovered Krar had been arrested in Tennessee in January. He was in a rental car he got in Tyler. Troopers allegedly found marijuana cigarettes, a syringe with an unknown substance, 2 hand guns, 16 knives, a stun gun, a smoke grenade, and three atropine injectors. Atropine is a common antidote for nerve gases. Troopers also found "numerous documents"... which the affidavit says appeared to be "instructions for carrying out some type of covert operation or plan."

The affidavit also shows in 1985, Krar was arrested for impersonating a police officer. And that on September 11th 2001, he allegedly told someone in New Jersey, he had known the 9-11 attacks were going to happen and that LA or Manchester would be next. Right now, FBI is still investigating Krar. He will remain in jail throughout the investigation.