Residents burdened by deadly stretch of roadway

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LINDALE, TX (KLTV) - Folks in Lindale say they are burdened with a deadly stretch of roadway.

Along Farm-to-Market Road 16 West, residents say there are a couple of dangerous curves. In fact, just Sunday morning, a 25-year-old mother died in a one-vehicle crash there.

Residents say they have had enough and want something done about it before another life is lost.

Molly Stanley and her little girl were heading home from church. It was raining Sunday morning and at a curve, Stanley's car slid down an embankment, killing the 25-year-old mother.

"There's nothing you can really do about what's happened and I really feel for her family," explained Christina Robinson.  "But at least maybe we can prevent this from happening to another family."

Robinson and other Lindale residents are organizing an effort to make this stretch of road safer.

"We were talking about it on Facebook, how ridiculous it is with those of us who live around here that have seen just wreck after wreck after wreck and there's no guard rail," said Robinson.

"Seems like two or three times a week somebody is running off the road," said Billy Cawthon, who grew up down the road.

"Especially when it's raining...It could be me in the ditch next," said Billy Cawthon, Jr.

Tex-Dot came and put ridges in the road to help with traction.

"We've also managed to get the speed limit lowered out there from 55 to 45," said Larry Krantz, with the Texas Department of Transportation.

Krantz says they will look at adding a guard rail but there are other dangers to consider.

"Adding a guard rail certainly would prevent people from leaving the road, but, were they to strike the guard rail, where would they go? Back over to the center line," explained Krantz. "Then they come back across and hit somebody's who's in the wrong place in the wrong time and cause a fatality."

He says they do have three projects planned for FM 16 in 2012 and they will continue to monitor it.

For those who travel the road, a solution can not come fast enough.

"So many cars have wrecked right there," said Robinson.

"How much is a life worth," asked Cawthon.

Tex-Dot's 2012 project includes resurfacing Highway 16, widening the shoulders by 2', and adding center line rumble strips.

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