Elementary students sharing joy, encouraging cancer patients

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WINNSBORO, TX (KLTV) - A group of East Texas middle schoolers are reaching out to children miles away. They are hoping to cheer up kids who have cancer by homemade gifts called Warm Fuzzies.

It is not in their curriculum or inside their textbooks, but Monica Roberts says it is one of the most important ideas a teacher can pass on to students.

"I just think everybody needs to give back," said the fifth grade teacher at Memorial Middle School. "I feel like everybody needs to do their part even in a small little way and get nothing back."

A small little project with her 5th grade students has turned into a big way to give back. They have created sock creatures called Warm Fuzzies designed for kids with cancer at MD Anderson in Houston.

"I think that kids don't understand how lucky they are and how fortunate they are that they are healthy and that they don't have to go through being in the hospital," said Roberts.

For some students like Kaylor Hettich, the project hits close to home. Her mom is battling breast cancer.

"There have been a bunch of people that help her and that bring us supper and everything, and it just feels good to help," said Kaylor.

The kids started the project at the beginning of the school year. They first learned how to sew.

"Which was a feat in itself - teaching 115 fifth graders to sew!" laughed Roberts.

"We just get some buttons and some different colorful things and just start putting them together and start making them," said Molly Wagner.

The crowd hopes their colorful creatures achieve one thing.

"I just hope that it brings a smile to their face," said Timber Brown.

"I hope they smile," said Kaylor.

"A smile, I just hope that a child knows that somebody that doesn't even know them is thinking about them, and just for a moment of time they don't have to think about the IVs or the cancer or the medical treatment, but just be happy," said Roberts.

It is a project for someone else that has taught these East Texans the power of giving.

Monica says she will be sending nearly 150 Warm Fuzzies to the Pediatric Unit at MD Anderson at the end of this week.

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