Investigators Raid Suspected Drug Ring

For 16 months the FBI and the East Texas violent crimes task force has been working to bring down a suspected drug ring in Marshall.

Tuesday morning investigators say they have been successful.

"This morning a combined task force of federal, state and local began arresting individuals charged in a 54 count federal indictment," says U.S. Attorney, Matthew Orwig.

Tuesday 13 of their 15 suspects were apprehended.

Investigators believe 23 year old Federico Ramirez led the drug ring.

They say he imported methamphetamine, cocaine, marijuana and illegal firearms from Dallas, Houston and Mexico, and allegedly brought them back to East Texas.

"It's then alleged that Ramirez would distribute further to 8 of his lieutenants which would then begin the further the network of distribution," says Orwig.

The owner of Morelos Mexican Restuarant in Longview was one of those arrested.

Investigators say he sold drugs to undercover agents at another local restaurant.

"We've made purchases from him. Most of our purchases or all of our purchases were made on covert video surveillance," says Gregg county assistant district attorney, Lance Larison.

All of those arrested now face life in prison.

The suspects are listed below.

1. Federico Ramirez

2. Esther Coronador

3. Cesaro Salazar

4. Jesus Vargas

5. Jose Martinez

6. Pedro Jaimes

7. Jose Reyes

8. Moses Roman

9. Maximino Coronado

10. Julia Silva

11. J-Eliazar Estrada

12. Jose Perez

13. Rudolfo Mendez

Still at large are:

1. Pedro Hernandez

2. Marco Gonzales

Amy Tatum, reporting.