Carlisle coach reaches milestone

By Coleman Swierc - bio | email

PRICE, TEXAS (KLTV) - There is nothing better than a coach who is loyal to his school.

That is the case with Wesley Colley and the Carlisle baseball team.

Colley has spent his entire head coaching career with the Indians, and in just over 4 seasons at the helm, was rewarded with his 100th career win on Friday.

"I knew about it," said Colley, "It was in the back of my mind going into that game, I am just glad we won so we could get it and not have to wait."

"I remember when the game was over, my father told everyone in the stands, and we all gave him a big ovation," said Carlisle freshman pitcher Gunner Baker.

Colley says he intends to stay for several more years at the tiny class 1A school, at the rate he is winning, there wil be several more milestones along the way.

"If we win a state championship, and I do it with 200 or 150 wins, that would make it incredible," said Colley, "That is our goal, to win games and to win state championships."

"He has his son coming up next year," said Baker, "And there are a bunch of us coming back as well, so it would not suprise me to see him get 200 real quick."

Colley will go for win #101 against Leveretts Chapel on Tuesday night.

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