Volcanic ash may delay East Texas couple's return home

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Some travelers were able to leave Europe Monday, after planes were grounded due to vast clouds of volcanic ash from an Icelandic eruption.

An East Texas couple, who is overseas, is scheduled to fly out Tuesday, but is preparing for an extended stay if their flight is delayed.

Michael Mahfood of Tyler, is in London. We were able to talk with him via Skype Monday about what the climate is like there:

"[It's an] interesting situation...You meet the same people over and over again because they all come to the same room with a television and they get together twice a day and they gripe about how they have to stay in town like this. Then there's people that work for companies and they're on the company dime and they're not that frustrated. In my case I'm not so frustrated because if I stay here a few more days it'll just be fine with me. The ash is a little different and it's starting to fall. Not like dust or sand would fall on you but if you wear glasses you happen to notice it. You wipe them off a little more often but it's not something you actually perceive. But you see a difference in the sun - you'll get some shades of orange. If you are breathing impaired they advised you to stay in but I don't see it on television and there's no warnings going around saying stay inside. But there are some people in the hotel with us - some older folks - who are just staying in the hotel because when they go out they come back reporting of feeling a difference and their eyes hurt. Spain is wholly unaffected by this so they can get in and out of Spain. It's getting to be a problem to get to Spain, the buses are full, trains are full, ferries are full. A couple of my fellow refugees in the lounge downstairs said that American and United is called them and said they'd be moving on Thursday and Friday instead of Friday and Saturday. And, American just announced they're putting on three flights from London to New York whenever they're able to start flying again. They put on some extra flights."

Mahfood is journaling his experience as well. He and his wife are there on business but they also went for their 39th wedding anniversary.

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