A Better East Texas: RNC Chairman under fire

Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele is under fire for a series of blunders that have put the Republican party on the defensive at a time when many conservatives see an opportunity to gain ground in the congressional mid-term elections.  Under Chairman Steele's watch, the RNC and the Chairman himself have become the objects of intense scrutiny after staffers on the RNC expensed a visit to a strip club.  Chairman Steele has taken responsibility for the action and has made some changes but will they be enough to woo conservative contributors back?  He better do something because the R-N-C has spent more money than it has raised this election cycle.  Sounds like training ground for Congress doesn't it?  It is hard to imagine that the actions of these staffers should be a fireable offense to the chairman but he must step up and deliver a plan that Republicans can embrace – both for growing financial contributions and for winning back the trust of conservatives across the nation.  If he cannot accomplish this need then yes, he should go.  There have been other missteps recently by the RNC that has to cause donors to stop and pause and wonder if the culture at the R-N-C truly reflects their values.  Either way, it is just another part of the need to hold our elected officials and even those others that represent us to the highest level of accountability, no matter the political party, ultimately making for a Better East Texas.