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Still Tea'd up

By Courtney Lane

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - Despite the rain, Tea parties continued Saturday across east Texas. Hundreds of east Texans showed up in Longview to voice their opposition to the government-run health care bill, among other things.

It was peaceful yet passionate.

"It is immoral to increase our debt beyond the means of the present generation," said State Representative David Simpson.

Rep. Simpson fired up the crowd, as did Congressman Louie Gohmert, despite the rain. Gohmert says $500 billion in new taxes and $500 billion slashed out of medicare is not the change America needs.

"People were told they were going to get change they could believe in and they got a revolution they can't afford, so they're Tea'd up," said Congressman Gohmert.

"Them just ramming things down our throat we don't want, don't need and can't afford," explained Darrell Wolter with We The People.

They fault Republican leaders too, saying our country's deficit was caused by a combination of bad choices from both parties.

"I'm not happy with the Republican administration of the past 8 years," said Louis Hobbs with We The People.  "They put in medicare Part D without raising taxes to pay for it. They fought wars that were unfunded without paying for it."

"President Bush started it," said Congressman Gohmert.  "Democrats are right in saying that. His first stimulus, the TARP bailout was a disastrous mistake but it doesn't mean they should multiply his mistake."

They are some of the most patriotic who love America. That's why they say they're taking a stand; rising up in opposition to government take-over.

"They already control medicaid, medicare, the veteran's program," said Hobbs.

Rallying together to stop over-spending, fearful for future generations.

"Politicians in charge have basically spent our children, our grandchildren's future and they're broke before they're even born," said Wolter.

They are encouraging others who feel the same way to speak out and join the fight, whether it's on the Internet or even walking around your neighborhood.

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