Young Students Learn About Wildlife Without Leaving Classroom

Elementary students in Tyler are learning the "do's and dont's" of wildlife, without having to enter the "wild".

Students at Dixie Elementary were part of the first day of the "City Critters" program. It was developed by the Texas Cooperative Extension Service, and will spend two weeks on the campus... with kids learning about what animals share their environment.

Also, they learn about what animals need to survive, and how to protect them.

Saneria Pryor, Dixie fifth grader says, "I learned different things about wildlife and things and how they work and what you're not supposed to do."

Billy Higginbotham helped develop the program: "Eighty percent of our population lives in 20 percent of the area, most of which is urban in nature, so we want to take the opportunity to teach them about wildlife."

The development of "City Critters" was a two-year process, and over the next two weeks, teachers will incorporate the lessons into their classroom plans. Then the program will move to another local campus.   

   Morgan Palmer, reporting.